Omni Technology.
  All of the artwork and architecture are my original designs including the furniture and unique textures, the base female figure mesh was supplied by R.E.M. Infographica. The female model was modified extensivly with new body texture color, cloths, headset and Bones Pro was used in the animation. All rendering and animation was done in 3D Max 2.5, textures in Photoshop 4. Other work includes poster sized renderings, promotional graphics, animated gifs/webicons, conceptual designs, and logo designs for potential Omni partners.

okrsrm1  okrsrm2
octy1  octy2
odcobts  ospcsta
odmrm  ohcnlogo

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All original designs and graphics are the ownership of J.P.F. and cannot be used or duplicated without permission. Copyright 1999 CozmicFunk