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  I have been working professionally in the computer graphics industry Since 1995, fulfilling one of my dreams of becoming a full time artist. What started as an interest in special effects has grown into a career. My interest in model making started at an early age, when the movie "Star Wars" debuted, the art of special effects filmaking consumed my creativity. Since that time, I have been refining my skills and talents with a variety of media and interests including computer graphics and have started the "CozmicFunk Studio" as a VFX company creating all of the Story's and Scripts, VFX w/ Composites, Sound FX, Music, Edited & Finished content including DVD's for my indpendent prodcutions.

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  • Sacrificion Indie short film- 3D graphics and FVX Previz for producer Reed Charles.

  • Bubblegum King Indie 2.5D, 3D and motion graphics for Documentary produced by John Paris.BubbleGum King Webpage

  • Digital Property Integration- Part Time AV install work for ACC, UT, UTSA, UTEP and other business.

  • Promotional activies with Alamo Drafthouse Theater (Wall-E, StarCrash), The Robot Group & Maker Faire featuring my robot and other props/inventions.J-65 Robot Webpage

  • ArtSpark Festival 2008- Visual Artist Producing 2 LED light sculptures, original Music & sound track design, compopsitions for in game play and Game design Consulting for Eyrus orignal Computer game demo.Cozmic Zone Space light LED Art Sculptures Webpage

  • Tracy Potts Tablets of Yaweh- Produced and Directed the 2 minute Demo video presentation featuring 3D animation, Video & Comps, Visual Effects and Music/ Sound Design.

  • Love Sonatas spring 2008 Long Center production- 40+ minutes and 52 files of 3D animation: Graphics, Video and Visual Effects prodcution for 5 live theater shows. Video Demo available.

  • Various web design and graphic works- available upon request.

  • 2006-2007 Frank Irwine Center and Local 205- Part Time StageHand - Setting up/breaking down various lighting, video, and sound equipment for concerts and productions.

  • 2005-Present Full time/Part time work as the Creator/Writer/Director/Producer of "The Quest for the Dark Planet" Original universe currently being created as a TV and Internet pilot with visuals & FX inspired by late 70's, 80's & 90'smovies such as "Star Wars", "Alien" & "The Fifth Element" etc. This show is being made with miniatures and sets combining the look of the "ThunderBirds" meets the scale "Robot Chicken" being completely produced at the CozmicFunk Studio! The Quest for the Dark Planet Webpage

  • October 2006 The Halloween Murders original DV short film for Web Film contest. Producer/writer/director, etc.Halloween Murders Webpage

  • 2005 Production work on Sci Borg Sam and Captain Badass short Dv films- including Directing , Writing, DP, Editing, Sound Design, ADR etc.

  • 2005 Galaxy Theatre Set design and Art installation for the Star Wars Episode 3 Movie Premier including art display and costumes promoting the Theatres’ new DLP Technology.Sci-Fi Set Webpage

  • Winter of 2004-05 Fulltime work as the Creator/Writer/Director/Producer of "Mary Lou Turbine: Space CowGirl" play for FronterFest 2005

  • 1999-2004 Fulltime employment forDigital Anvil creating 3d models, animation and textures for Freelancer.

  • 2001 Employment for "JetBlast" Indie DV movie as the Model shop Supervisor(CozmicFunk Studio) managing the creation of scale miniature aircraft with custom made details/graphics, 3d models, animation and textures for the DV feature. Joe Bob Briggs review, JetBlast Banned in Austin reported by Abdul the bear and the Austin Chronicle Article

  • 1998 Fulltime work for Omni Technology creating graphics/animation for their webpage, print and video. Additional 3D graphics for virtual internet universe.

  • 1998 Freelance graphic work for Celestis and Encounter 2001 3d/2d graphic design work including demo website, promotional images and conceptual renderings for their advertisement campaign.

  • 1995-1997 Employed at Wesson Int. Inc. as a graphic artist/3d model builder for virtual reality training simulators. Contracted for the USAF and FAA among other international clients. Worked as a Supervisor for the 3D visual database using such programs as Photoshop, 3ds R4, 3ds Max and other proprietary visual programs for the PC and SGI simulators. Aided in designing the corporate web page, technical writing, and producing multimedia animations for the company demo as well as other contracts: Art Carved class rings promotional animation and Morrison Homes architectural rendering demo.

  • 1993-1998 Part-time independent development of "DARK PLANET: THE ODYSSEY©"(copyright 1998) original story and production concept, including video demo, script treatment, character design, production design, models, miniatures, animation, set construction, and web site.

  • 1995-1996 Formed the Anigma FX Group company specializing in 3d animation/special effects. Animation and Art direction services were supplied to these various clients: Nickelodeon/Cinar Films - Animation for the TV pilot of "Space Cases" included special FX space scenes and opening title sequence. Alchemia Productions -architectural animation for Kelly AFB, San Antonio Tx. using Animatek World Builder with 3DS.

  • Ken Thomson Jr. who was one of my Partners in the Anigma FX group and Art of Illusion , has his web page listed below! Please take the time to visit and see some of his creative talents.

  • Carl H. Schorlemmer III who is a fellow artist/3D user and ex co-worker @ Wesson Int. Inc. has his homepage up and running. Carl has done maps for UnReal Tournament as well as some other low poly game artwork. Please take the time to check out his cool site!

    Freelance 2D/3D graphics, animation, production/editing, and logo clients:
  • Pole Position Productions
  • Captain BadAss Awesome website!
  • SciBorg Sam's webpage
  • Galaxy Highland 10 Theatre
  • Austin Bleepers Connection
  • Digital Anvil
  • Prescision Forensics
  • Balcones Research Center (University of Texas)
  • St. Louis Catholic Church
  • Croslin and Associates
  • ARC Systems
  • Starjammer Productions
  • Omni Technology
  • Discovery Incubator Multimedia Cafe
  • Advantage Pest Management


  • Blue Ribbon recipient from the Austin 2008 Maker Faire.
  • Received the 2006-2007 DaVinci award from "The Robot Group" Austin Texas.
  • Assistant to Emmy nominated "Star Trek" writer Sandy Fries during local lecture tour.
  • Produced art shows, seminars, and SPFX demonstrations for SCI-FI conventions on such topics as miniatures , set design and computer animation.
  • Achieved over thirty awards for miniatures including "WonderFest" and central Texas PSMS (Plastic Scale Modelers Society) competitions.
  • *Received 3 awards for custom built costumes. Designs include: Giger "Alien" and "Boba Fett".
  • Published in Starlog magazine, Austin American Statesman and website among others.
  • Numerous media coverage stories with local Austin TV stations and Austin Access.
  • Fright Line 3 Haunted House: assistant art direction and prop/creature creation for the Bergstrom AFB charity fund raiser.
  • "Space Trek Lost on Gilligan's Planet": special fx models and storyboard designs for the Vortex Theater production.
  • Austin Access TV producer.
  • Internship at Horizon Film and Video 1994.
  • Audio and lighting assistant with the Austin Sound and Light company 1988.




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    All original designs and graphics are the ownership of J.P.F. and cannot be used or duplicated without permission. Copyright 1998-2009 CozmicFunk