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  CozmicFunk Studio Art Gallery: Links below showcase Indie Film projects, Props-Sets and original Art invnentions, 3D grahpics and Models/Miniatures section.

  Independent Film Section.

  • The All Original Space Adventure Fantasy short film/Pilot currently in production from CozmicFunk Studio!

  •   Original Short Horror/Thriller film made for $150 for a short film contest. Page includes extended short on Youtube

  • CozmicFunk Studio on You Tube

      Sets and Props Section.

     Art Showing News for 2011!

  •   CozmicZone all original custom made Props, FX, Space lIght LED Art Sculptures and Soundscape Music (coming soon!).
  •  Galaxy Highland 10 Theater Star Wars Epsiode III original set installation. Info and images documenting the set construction and premier event.
    hhsethmb.jpg   Fright Line III Rest in Pieces: Bergstrom AFB Haunted house where I assited the Art director, Producer and friend, Bryan K. Brown in many capacities as a prop and creature builder, set dresser/designer and Puppeteer. This HH was the last one of three to raise funds for charities befor the base closed in 1994. My work was essentially assisting in the construction of the Alien Queen, Drone and room, where I was also the puppeteer and co-ordinator. I also constructed the "Texas size roach" and assisted with the predator room and costume which Bryan sculpted and painted.

    cozmic ship
      3D Content and Graphics Section.

    dathmb   Digital Anvil. From Janurary 1999 to November 2004. Contract work on the space game "Freelancer" and project "Lonestar". Work includes building 3D models and textures, animation, texturing and refining models, designing and building space ojects from asteroids to debris fields etc. Follow the links lsited below to find more information and graphics/screenshots.

    ominthmb   Omni Technology. From August 98 through December,I was employed fulltime to create animated graphics and images used to promote the company and webpage: . Among the work created was a 33 second animation for video and web introducing the company with a cyber community in development and potential storylines and characters. The Kris2ooo and other robot characters traversing the Omni City were designed to pay homage to one of my favorite films "Metropolis".

    encthmb   Celestis and Encounter 2001. I have created a variety of media since Feb-98 including animation for web and video, graphic stills for print, concept renderings, and a miniature replica which has been featured in their TV appearances. For more information regarding Celestis and Encounter, go to the INFO page and use the links to check out their sites.

    space case tnmb   The "Space Cases™" television pilot for Nickelodeon produced for Cinar Films by Peter David and Bill Mumy. I assisited in creating the models and animation for the pilot episode with the Anigma FX Group company out of Austin Tx 1995.

    wsnthmb  Wesson Int. Inc. real-time FAA training simulators built for the PC and SGI systems. I was employed there for 2 years and worked in the graphics department supervising the 3D database construction(low-polygon architecture/ vehicles) and a variety graphics/multimedia using 3DS-R4, Max, Photoshop and other proprietary programs.

    cntrcthb  Contract work done for Morrison homes™, Artcarved™ class rings and DinoKids™ among others. Modeling and animation done in 3DS-R4 and Max.

      Original 3D graphics and early design works Section.

    dark planet thum   Dark Planet: The Odyssey© is an original story I have been working on since 93. It is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy epic that follows the main characters through many adventures as they journey through alien worlds. The models originally created as plastic/resin miniatures, have been re-designed in Photoshop, 3DS-R4, Max and now Max2. This an on-going production.

    aracnotech thum   The aracnotech terminator robot was modeled in 3DS-R4 and rendered in 3DS Max. The design was based upon Steve Burg's concept draft for T2 Judgement Day and was animated for my demo tape in the summer 97.

    invdrthb  The Invaders from the Red Planet© is an original 2 minute cartoon that I made last year that pays homage to the late Ed Wood Jr. Reminiscant of "Mars Attacks", Invaders depicts aliens coming to destroy the earth and succeeding! Models and animation created in 3DS-R4 and Max.

    funthmbs  Original Images including my first animated character "Anibot" done in 3DS-R3. A very special memorial image dedicated to my late mother Shirley Smith and one of my best freinds, the Rocky-Bear both composited in Photoshop!

      Models & Miniatures Section.

      Limited Production resin model kit of the Aracnotech Hunter Killer from T2.

    jethmb   Part-time work on the Independant Film: "JetBlast", currently in post-production. This is the first production for the "Cozmicfunk Studio" in which I have set up a small crew with three other friends/model builders to assist with the miniatures. Computer generated effects will also be contracted after the miniature photography is finished. For more information on the film, please check the links below.

  • JetBlast website
  • .
    origthmbfilmthmb  My first love since I was real young was building model kits. Until 10 years ago I thought I wanted to make models fulltime until I learned about 3D Studio. The models shown here include scratchbuilt original designs and famous spaceships that have all been modified from their original forms and include Micro lights, LEDS, and fiber optic lighting. The aracnotech is fully articulated and completly scratchbuilt. The space dock with constellation class starship and Dark Planet models are also scratchbuilt miniatures. I have recieved over 30 awards at PSMS (Plastic Scale Modelers Society) shows for models shown here. Miniature photography was made possible by James Hernandez and Barbara Slough.

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    All original designs and graphics are the ownership of J.P.F. and cannot be used or duplicated without permission. Copyright 2009 CozmicFunk