Aracnotech Centurion Model Kit version 1.0

The Aracnotech Centurion model kit has finally been realized after years of inquiries. The prototype model was built around 7 or 8 years ago and has been displayed at Science Fiction Conventions all over central Texas where it has received much attention. Being a “One of a Kind” piece in my collection, the aracnotech has also won numerous IPMS awards including “First place” and “Best of Show” at local model contests.

Recently, the patterns were finished and the preliminary molds were made for a limited production model. 6 model kits were finished in time for the June “Wonderfest” 2001 show in Louisville Ky. where all 6 kits were sold out by Saturday afternoon on the show’s opening day. The prototype was also entered in the model contest and it received a “Amazing Performance” Wonderfest Merit award.

Some of the first generation molds did not hold up to the “assembly line” production and that’s why only 6 completed kits made it to the show. New molds are being designed and some changes to the leg sections are being done to simplify the molding/production process. The new leg sections will not have individual sections for articulation as the first generation had, making the first 6 model kits very unique in addition to them being individually dated and numbered.

I would like to thank my friend and model partner, Joe Ceballos, for his untiring effort and support for helping me get this kit off the ground. “Without your support, Joe, I would not have finished this project in time for Wonderfest. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

The following image takes you to the model box art and instruction sheet and text. This page will be updated once the kits are available again.

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