Sci-Fi Set Installation for the Galaxy Highland 10 theater Star Wars Episode III May Premier Austin 2005!

 John P. Funk was contracted to design, build and install a cosmetic facade for the Galaxy theatre entrance to Celebrate the Theater's Digital showing of Star Wars Episode III. John took measurements from the theater entry way and started building the set sections from a original design he made to fit into the SW look, but be completly original on its own merit. The plan was to be able to use the set again for his own film projects in the near future. The project from start to finish took less than 3 weeks, John spent under two weeks building the main set panels, light columns and entry frame. Every thing was built in his living room and painted in his back porch.

Theater Set Final Theater Set Live
  The set started with the construction of the columns. A single prototype was first designed & built complete with flourescent light fixtures installed and finished paint/detail scheme. Three more were then "Duped" in assembly line fashion.

Columns Columns Painted
 Panel construction entailed building the frames, mounting the paneling, cutting the details, making the lighting grids and then painting. My friend Philip Fulton assisted with painintg the base coat on a couple of panels. Phil also helped me trantsport and install the completed set at the theater.

Panel Shapes Panel Painted
 A finished panel after painting. I detailed the panels and columns with vinyl sign material of varying colors and dimensions. The installation was very easy and straight forward: my panels fit so perfectly onto the exisiing wall detail that people couldn't tell if the set was built permanently into the theater.

Panel Finished Panels Installed
 It was an amazing premier! My friend Randy Cote and I had a model and prop display: I had my large Star Wars spaceships hanging from the ceiling and we both had tables full of props and highly detailed miniatures. Randy made two amazing costumes featured here. There were literally hundreds of people there to see the new film in Digital, there were bands, news media and I was dressed up in my original Boba Fett costume! I almost won the costume contest, a very close second place. I also got a pic with DV himself. He thought he was back on the death star...

John & Randy Boba Fett and P-Funk

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