The Halloween Murders short film was finished in late October 2006 with a successful production wrap party at the CozmicFunk Studio/House. A 17 minute DVD complete with special features was featured to an audiance of about 50 friends and Industry professionals. The DVD is available for a minimum $5.00 donation (not including postage if mailed) and comes complete with the following: Teaser, Halloween Murders short film, Image Gallery Slideshow, Deleted "Demon" Scene, White Noise background scene, and a special behind the scenes "Outakes" with Director John Patrick Funk. Email John if interested in obtaining a copy of the Halloween Murders DVD and become a member of the CozmicFunk Studio Production Team Today! john@cozmicfunk.com

  Below is the Halloween Murders 4.5 minute short film posted to You Tube December 07. Please view the movie and leave a comment :)

  The Halloween Murders short film was intended to be part of the Nightmare Factory Big Scream contest. After almost finishing the 2 minute short film, I was consulted by an entertainment lawyer that by submission of the film to their contest, that I would be relinquishing my rights and ownership of the movie content, music, original story, design, visual effects and just about everything else that they could think of. I had put 2.5 weeks into the production of the project with the intention of further development of the story and short film. By entering the contest I would have lost all rights to do so, now I have a short film/trailer and a compelling story that is unique and original.
  Pre-production is now under way for the additional scenes that will be added to the short film. I have completed storyboards for a new openning title sequence and a new scene that introduces the Sherry character. These additions will extend the movie and tighten up the story allowing more time to develope the charcters and plot. I put a lot of content in the original two minute film and now I can pace the story better without having to rush through it.

  Below is Custom made CozmicFunk Studio prop of a burned up "Sherry" for the film. The concept design was done after the script was completed, then a sketch for a frame made of PVC was drawn to measurements of my girlfriend Joy. I built the full body with correct proportions and engineered tubes into the skull and chest in which smoke was injected through to add the effect of being burned from the inside out. After the the full body was completed, I weathered the body and clothes with burned marks and lots of fake blood dripping from the head and neck to add to the realism. The finshed effect was photographed after filming for the scene was completed.
HMBurningSherryConcept HalloweenMurdersSherry HMSherryPVCConcept

  Another one of the custom FX shots done for the film from CozmicFunk Studio. The final effect shot with Gomez and the Demon was also photographed after the filming was completed. Notice the Demon hand penetrating through the chest, there was a closeup FX shot of the Demon hand going through Gomez's chest, pulling out his heart and then yanking it back through.

  This Webpage is currently under development and will soon have moreinfo about the short dv film in production.


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