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 A Cozmic Zone Galactic Light show is coming to a event near you!

  The Cozmic Zone promotes Cozmicfunk original Music, Art, Atmosphere and live VFX services complete with Laser show and programable LED stage lighting! CozmicZone LED Space Light Sculptures are custom made original creations by artist-inventor John P-Funk. These unique designs are built around the function of the lighting and are all assembled as props for John's indy film projects including:"The Quest for the Dark Planet!" currently in production.

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  John P. Funk exhibited his "Cozmic Extravaganza" LED SpaceLights & FX this sping at "Yuri's Night Austin 2010 Celebration" Monday 04-12-2010 @ the Zilker Clubhouse ATX and at the "Plutopia SXSW Party -Science of Music" event at the MACC Monday 03-15-2010.

Reactor Light Space Dome Light

  Cozmic Zone created a lighting event like no other at the first TXMPA "Slate Cast Film party" The VIP Lounge was a virtual Galactic light show event with Lasers, Atmosphere lighting and original LED Spacelights Sculptures. The event marked the new TEXAS Film Incentive program and was a celebration of the historic event with WPFG Studios and the Wolfpack Film Group at 501 Studios on Saturday September 12th. John P-Funk amazed hundreds of local film/industry professionals with his light show, original LED sculptures, and demo material for his upcoming film: "The Quest for the Dark Planet". Watch the video of the VIP lounge room below on YouTube!

  The Austin Planetarium fundraiser was a great event for "Yuri's Night" commemorating the first Man in space! LED Spacelights were a big hit among the other memorabilia presented. The event had Special guest speakers Richard Garriott and Austin Planetarium Director Torvald Hessel! "Visit the Austin Planetarium Webpage" for more information about Austin's goal for a state of the art facility! "Austin Blog" talked about the fundraiser with pictures of the event including JPF with new freinds.

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 Dorkbot 20 @ SXSW was a big hit! Your's truly made the "Austin A-List." I Screen captured a great image from the event that includes Three of my new sculptures. Enjoy!

 LED Space Lights came to SXSW this year! John P. Funk had brand new works at "DorkBot 20" Saturday 03-14-09, the Plutopia "Living Systems" Party on Monday 03-16-09 "Plutopia Party Interactive Gallery" And the art show was also received by a wonderful group of young people at the Dell Children's Medical Center on Tuesday 03-17-09 for their week long anniversary of Child appreciation month.

  Brand new Video below (on the left) of the LED Space Light collection on display at the SXSW Plutopia party 2009. The first series of LED Space Light Sculptures were at the Austin Maker Faire 2008 and were also present at Burning Flipside 2006, SXSW Plutopia parties 08-09, Dorbot Austin #13, #20 and the Artspark Festival!

  The Images below demonstrate the construction process and LED implementation. Email or call John about Commissioning a Original LED Space Lights Sculpture. Every Sculpture is a one of a kind unique Art Light, no two are the same! 512-279-3352

Reactor Light Space Dome Light
Space Dome Wires Space Dome Parts
Space Dome Frame Space Dome Paint
Space Dome Assemble ArtSpark Pump Gallery

  "The Cozmic Zone" is a service of CozmicFunk Studio to bring original inventions, music and Visual FX to parties or events: A complete service focusing on installing a modular exhibet of props, lighting and other audio/visual themes related to Space and Fantasy. These themes can include: Astronomy, Space, Science, Science Fiction and Fantasy etc. with props, lighting and music that create an orignal atmosphere not found with conventional Dj's and entertainment services. Email us today and see how we can liven up your events with Cozmic Zone original entertainment.

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All original designs and graphics are the ownership of J.P.F. and cannot be used or duplicated without permission. Copyright 2009 CozmicFunk